Cassandra Scott

  • “Cassandra makes the classroom feel like a family, a home. Her passion and enthusiasm for early childhood development is obvious and contagious. Her devotion is not limited to the classroom, her door is always open and she is continuously striving to improve her program through giving and receiving feedback. She is the reason our child looks forward to going to school. She teaches us more about parenting, discipline, and development than even our own parents or any book could. She makes our child feel like a top priority because of the extra attention through phone calls and conversations. We really appreciate her dedication to introducing our child to a broad range of experiences including musical, foreign languages, dance and coordination, play, and many other life skills. We feel assured that we made the the right decision enrolling our child in her care. She has truly made a difference in our child’s life and will continue to impact the lives of many other children in the future." -Murgatroyd


  • “I am so impressed with Cassandra’s style of teaching. She goes above and beyond simply caring for the kids in her class and I really appreciate it . My child is learning so many things that are important for him to thrive in this world. I am not just talking about the simple things like taking turns and being gentle but also things that will make him a great human being like respecting, trusting, and loving other people.” -Smith


  • “Cassandra observed and thought about our son’s development more thoughtfully and infinitely more professionally than his parents are capable of.” -Walters


  • “ I appreciate Cassandra because:   Not only does she love, support and teach my child, she also serves as a wonderful support system and resource to me as a first-time mom. She is always willing to listen, give invaluable advice and lend a hand, and this is hugely appreciated. It is evident that Cassandra loves her job and children- she is happy to see them in the morning, gives them hugs in the evening and is an amazing teacher throughout the whole day. She always has a smile on her face and just exudes love, patience and warmth. I know Cassandra loves my child and it’s such a comfort to drop him off at school and know that he is in great, loving hands. After all, love is the most important thing a child needs and Cassandra definitely fulfills this need.” -Torvik


  • “Cassandra is a true innovator in early childhood development. She is continuously improving her techniques and tactics to bring the most out of each and every child. She does not employ an one size fits all approach, but truly tailors her strategies to bring the most out of the children in her care. And her communication skills with parents are best in class.” -Greenham


  • “We appreciate Cassandra for so many reasons! She has so much patience when working with my feisty toddler especially when it means trying to get her to sit on the potty every twenty minutes. Cassandra has such a calming presence, her love of children is obvious. She is thoughtful, loving, professional and has one of the hardest jobs I know and does it with such ease! After a long day of ‘Sandra do it' she still goes home with a smile.” -Burns


  • “I am always amazed at all the fun and interesting things Cassandra comes up with for the kids. I appreciate your patience, dedication and creativity.” -Potter


  • “Cassandra has great passion for her work. The love, energy, and time she puts toward the children really shows. It is very exciting to see her love for music reflect in the children. Our daughter learned a tremendous amount in the short time she was with Cassandra and we are grateful for it and miss her dearly.” -Rigsby


  • “My children would think they hit the jackpot if they could hang with Cassandra EVERY day. They never stop talking about her- and are quite disappointed when the weekend rolls around because they understand they won’t get to see her for a few days. I get it too. She is amazing! The most patient, caring, confident care provider I ever met.We all LOVE her.” -Murphy


  • “Cassandra is always prepared with a fun lesson for our child. She is kind and patient. Best of all she loves to play her guitar and sing with the kids. This diffuses any situation and brings smiles and laughter to the group.” -Giddens


  • “The amount of preparation and care that Cassandra puts into lesson planning thrills me. I am always impressed by all of the activities that are set up upon our arrival each day. She is kind and patient AND an excellent singer.” -Fleming


  • “Cassandra is very loving and nurturing toward my son and talks to him at his level. She is someone that I trust with my child and am grateful to have a teacher as kind and caring as she is.” -McCabe


  • “Cassandra has a lot of experience and she approaches the kids with respect and love. She is a great teacher to go for a question on how to deal with a developmental issue with your child and always has a clear and easy tip to give us. She always gives us complete reports of the whole day of our child and that is very important for us. She gives a lot of comfort to kids and at the same time you can see they have a lot of fun. Cassandra is a professional teacher who approaches kids and parents with a lot of love and patience.”  -Libertun


  • “Cassandra is a beautiful free spirit whom we really admire and adore. She was great with our daughter and we can tell how much she cares for her. We admire Cassandra for always making music a part of daily life. We recognize its importance and enrichment.”      -Smiley


  • "Cassandra is dedicated to nurturing children through an incredibly important time in their development.  She positively reinforces their own individuality and interests whilst encouraging social interaction with the whole group.  Our daughter has learnt so much from Cassandra, in particular her language development has been remarkable, reinforced by a lot of time spent reading books, singing songs and just talking through different situations as they arise- such as sharing with friends.  At 2 years old she can sing the words to a dozen different songs, frequently has sentences of 5 words or more and has a vocabulary in excess of 1000 words.  Everything that she has learnt has naturally occurred through structured and open ended play with a focus on having fun.  Every day there is something new laid out to explore and the learning process is very broad reached and never feels forced.  Our daughter will tell us about how she has been on a bus ride or made a train when she arrives home each day.

    Our daughter is very high energy and at times can be a typical difficult toddler.  Cassandra has worked with her to get positive outcomes through offering choice, praise of good behavior and understanding of consequences.  Not only has Cassandra offered the consistency and fair approach that our daughter has needed but she has also helped us as parents through the same process.  In particular Cassandra has been a rock during the time when I was pregnant with our second daughter and in the first few months of the new baby.  Having a new sibling is a challenging time for a toddler and Cassandra has spent time explaining to her the need to be gentle around her sister and feelings she may have.

    I would whole heartedly recommend Cassandra.  The standard of care that our daughter has received has been beyond excellent.  Cassandra is clearly very well trained, highly experienced and also just has a naturally good attitude towards children.  Our daughter loves going to daycare as a result.  She constantly talks about Cassandra.  One day she saw a man playing a guitar in the street and she immediately said “Shona” (which is the name she uses for Cassandra) and started dancing.  Another time we were drawing a picture of our house and family and Winter named “Shona” as someone to include in the picture.  The bond that they have is incredible and something I know Cassandra is able to enjoy with many children." -Winterton


  • "The entire experience of Cassandra's classroom for my daughter was wonderful.  It was a time where she developed her language skills at an extraordinary rate, gained independence over many small but important functions in life including putting on a coat, socks and shoes.  All of these changes were challenges and resulted in the expected emotions of both success and failure.  With Cassandra’s guidance my daughter learnt how to channel and share those emotions in positive ways.  In parallel Cassandra taught me how to provide the appropriate support for my daughter, where to give her free reign to fail plus where and how to apply hard and fast rules.  Many of the things that Cassandra taught me would and do seem obvious in retrospect but when dealing with a screaming child after a long day at work having a solid framework to fall back on that allows you to respond in consistent ways has proven invaluable. 

 Throughout the time I have known Cassandra she has been personable, approachable and knowledgeable.  I have found myself spending time in the class rather than just dropping off and picking up my daughter so that I could discuss a range of topics with her including how to handle the kid that just doesn’t want or need to sleep. The final thought that I want to leave you with is that Cassandra actively spends time engaging and teaching the children with whom she spends her days.  She ensures that they are not only safe, clean and well fed but that they are actively learning each and every day about who they are, the world around them, their emotions and how to interact with others.I feel far more capable as a parent purely having spent time learning from Cassandra and my only regret is that my second daughter will not have the opportunity to experience her teaching directly." -Leach