Cassandra Scott

I am passionate about education and working with young children. I have always loved imaginative play and story telling. When I look at the world I envision new and sometimes unusual ways to use things. Where others may see an empty tissue box, a toilet paper roll, and some rubber bands, I see a rubber band guitar. I am in my element when I am playing music for toddlers. They can be a tough crowd, but I do love an engaging audience. There are few rewards in life better than hearing a child sing a song that I wrote and taught them. Every experience is new and fresh for children. Their curiosity inspires me to expand and appreciate my own life. Young children have been some of my best friends and working with them is extremely gratifying.

Emmett Scott

I love reading with children and cannot resist accompanying them in their artistic endeavors. When I was a child I would tell people I was from a distant planet called Zeton. I had a vast collection of stuffed animals and a passion for dress-up and dramatic play. As an adult I no longer tell people I am an alien and my stuffed animal collection is much more modest. However, I have kept many of my childish qualities. I am quick to play and have been known to appreciate toys as much as any child would. My enjoyment of play is contagious and inspires children to engage environment and materials. I appreciate children's unabashed, uninhibited approach to life. Children are inherently genuine and at times brutally honest. I am inspired to be more like them.